Bengkel bertujuaan untuk memberikan lebih pendedahan mengenai penggunaan ICT bagi memantapkan lagi OBE dikalangan pensyarah

This course is part of the efforts of the UMT School of Marine and Environmental Sciences (Pusat Pengajian Sains Marin dan Sekitaran, PPSMS) to provide assistance to young lecturers as they start their teaching career. This serves as a channel for explaining the new requirements implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education or the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in efforts to bring the Malaysian educational system at par with the rest of the world.  The system is continually evolving to meet current needs and, thus, could be different from when the lecturers themselves were studying in university.

To ease their entry into this "new" academic world,  this course is designed to provide access, guidance, and understanding of the underlying principles of teaching and learning being implemented.  Application of or translating these principles into teaching and learning strategies in the classroom or in the laboratory will be shared by more experienced lecturers.  Sharing experiences and techniques is to show examples, provide an overview of students attitudes and practices, including examining the pros and cons of some strategies, among others.  It is not to provide "recipes" but to show possibilities they can build on in their efforts to fulfill the requirements of student-centered learning.  

As new methods are continually introduced and requirements often change over time, this course will also provide information and training for these new requirements to both new and senior lecturers.